Children’s Classes

Monotype – one-of-a-kind prints, based on painting, rolling and manipulating inks on a smooth plate which transfers to paper with or without a press. May be combined with other techniques.
Intaglio – includes a number of techniques: drypoint, silk aquatint, carborundum, with potential for making multiple copies and combining with other techniques.
Relief – from handmade stamps to linoleum block cutting and collagraph, techniques for making multiple copies or using multiple colors.
Book Arts – an adjunct to printmaking, encourages narrative development, concentration to acquire specialized skills, and practice in 3D visualization.
Advanced Printmaking – for older students who have distinct ideas about what they would like to work on, and optional portfolio development and critique.

Goals and Objectives:
For the parent who wants to provide their child new experiences under expert guidance, Watermark Press offers a variety of opportunities. A tour of the studio is encouraged so that parent and student can get a sense of the environment, see examples of different techniques, and ask questions. Subject matter is adjusted to meet the abilities and attention span of each child, and class size is limited to maximize individual attention. Printmaking projects may be coordinated to other topics the student is studying, or used to develop special interests. The interest and ability of the child is placed ahead of a rigid program in order to encourage self-expression. There are many techniques that can be combined into one lesson, and students within a class may work with different media that is appropriate for individual development. Parents are always welcome to attend any class with their child. Classes may be held mornings, afternoons or early evenings to accommodate student schedules. Where it is required by a particular technique, the use of sharp cutting tools must be approved by the parent.

The primary focus is on print making. However, many conceptual and physical skills come into play: imagination and inspiration, drawing and painting, measuring and cutting, for example. In addition, setting up and cleaning up are essential disciplines required of all students. Indirect lessons about following directions, developing concentration, handling tools safely, respecting others, participating in visual and verbal critique, cooperation and sharing are absorbed in a friendly and non-threatening atmosphere. Close observation is a basic creative principle, and repeated use of art vocabulary promotes understanding of line, shape, color, hue, value, form, mass, contrast, space, texture, perspective, etc.

Single technique lessons are available for a one time experience and regular classes are designed for the parent/student who wants a full or half semester program to allow for variety, continuous exposure and practice. Classes meet once a week and run for 6 or 12 weeks. All the necessary supplies are included. Additional studio time is available for special project work and independent practice.

Students of all ages — 90-minute class once a week for 6 weeks – $150*, 12 weeks – $275*
Single 90-minute trial class – $30*
Especially art-focused older students — 3-hour class once a week for 6 weeks – $275*, 12 weeks – $475*
Single 3-hour trial class – $60*
Portfolio Review – by appointment
*Fee is for first student; siblings in same class are 35% off class fee