Press Rental

Enthusiastic printmakers are invited to become Members or reserve Open Press Time. Applicants must demonstrate experience in the use of the basic tools, presses and equipment, and be capable of working safely without supervision. Membership benefits include semi-private use of the studio with ample work space, access to the presses, use of normal shop equipment and standard-sized printing plates, regular tools and cleaning supplies, storage for personal supplies, flat file space for protecting paper and prints, and other shop amenities. Additional benefits include long-term discounts and reduced fees for classes and workshops.

Membership & Open Press rental fees are very reasonable and with all the included amenities you’ll never need to squeeze a printing press into your own home. Consider Watermark Press as your own studio where you go to concentrate on your creative side, away from the distractions
of everyday activities.

You must provide your own printmaking paper and will want to bring other supplies particular to your art-making process. Water-based inks are available for a reasonable fee, or you may bring your own oil-based or water-based inks. Non-solvent, non-toxic cleaning supplies are provided by the studio for clean-up. Standard-sized polycarbonate plastic plates up to 18″ x 24″ are available for monotype printing and remain in the shop. Other supplies — such as inexpensive PETG plastic for monotype, drypoint or carborundum, pressboard for silk aquatint or collagraph, linoleum and any custom-sized plates — may be purchased from the studio at reasonable cost.

Open Press Time
Open Press Time allows non-members to schedule time. Access includes the presses, work space, the normal tools, plate use and supplies, but does not include personal storage space.

Free Days are no-fee days when an artist who is participating in a series of classes, or has completed 12 hours or more of instruction, may sign up to use the shop to complete a printmaking project or practice some skills. The artist must be capable of working independently and clean up after their work. Free Days are posted periodically, available first come/first served, and limited to only 1 to 3 artists at a time depending on space needed to work.

Group Rentals are also available for up to 6 artist friends who organize a special class or project in which they may work together. Fees TBA.