Welcome to Watermark Press!

This new website for the print shop will serve many needs, and hopefully provide you with the information you require as you investigate printmaking, or make it one of your permanent endeavors. I hope the website ends up on your list of favorites as I am going to try to add new and interesting content often. This blog is not just for me to prattle on, but for YOU to ask questions, or send answers back to me. I expect I will post a few “soapboxes” in its future because I think there are a lot of issues about printmaking, and all art making, that deserves comment. I hope you will read and write in often.

Many of my postings will be explaining terminology or relating things going on in the print world and maybe alerting you to an exhibition or an artist you might like to know about.

If you have questions or comments that you’d rather deliver ‘quietly’ then please do via the email on the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Again, welcome to Watermark Press, come back and visit often!


One thought on “Welcome to Watermark Press!

  1. Hi everyone (on the blog). Just wanted to say that I stopped in at Watermark Press to visit Martha a few weeks ago and had a very engaging time. We talked about artwork, printmaking, and a whole lot of interesting topics. Martha is a very accomplished artist and she has set up a really great studio on Arbor Street as well. Those of you who are “printmaking-a-holics” would probably be interested in seeing her Vandercook press – quite a piece of machinery. (She has a more conventional Sturgis etching press as well)

    It seems to me that Martha has a good idea of “what’s happening” in the greater Hartford art scene and I highly recommend that you pay a visit of you’re interested in that. I think you’ll find making her acquaintance time and effort well spent.

    I am making progress on some new prints myself -not ready to show yet, but I am getting there. I’m also getting some drawing done lately as well on a few representative themes. Some of them may find their way into woodcuts – others perhaps into other kinds of work.

    John Harris
    West Hartford CT

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